St Andrew’s Histon

histon-1David Joy Architects were first involved with  St. Andrew’s as architects for the new vicarage commissioned by the Diocese of Ely.  The commission for the Stable Rooms was awarded to the Practice by the Parochial  Church Council (PCC) on the basis of the work carried out on the vicarage.  The Stable Rooms, while not attached to the church building, nevertheless required all the ingredients which are needed to satisfy the requirements common to most church communities, hall and teaching spaces, kitchen, accessible WCs and plenty of storage.

The PCC were doubtful that a first floor could be accommodated in the roof for lack of headroom.  David Joy Architects came up with a solution which used the walls between the  small ground floor spaces to support a very shallow (150mm) but wide (1m) continuous reinforced concrete beam along the centre of the building with shallow joists spanning between the sides of the beam and the existing external wall.  By reducing to a minimum the height of the WCs and Kitchen and also the depth of the first floor structure, headroom at the upper level could be maximised, thus creating a very useful upper room. Storage is provided adjacent to and under the stairs as well as in built-in seats with lift up lids which are supported on hydraulic stays.

The Stable Rooms were completed in 1994. David Joy was then appointed church architect and, since that appointment has, in addition to various repair and re-roofing projects, carried out a reordering of the crossing under the tower (1997) and a complete lighting scheme for the church (1999).