Haddenham Baptist Church

had-1had-2David Joy Architects became involved with Haddenham Baptist’s as a consequence of negotiations with the minister and congregation between Dovetail Development Company  (of which David Joy was also a director) over the acquisition of their redundant church hall on the opposite corner of the green in Haddenham.  In exchange for the older building, Dovetail undertook to design and build a new church hall attached to the main church building complete with wheelchair access ramp, accessible WCs, kitchen and level access into the main church space. The irregular shape of this site and the significant change of level between the pavement and the new hall presented challenges.  The hall is sub-divisible using an acoustic screen.  Despite the irregular plan form of the building, the two halves of the space have full view of a speaker standing at the west end of the screen.  A small secure outside play area was retained in the corner of the site.

The scheme illustrates how best use can be made of the existing fabric of the building while also optimising the use of space on an otherwise tight and irregular site. The project was completed in 1988.